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Meet the Queen City of the South and the Philippines’ number one tourist and business destination—Cebu. An interesting fusion of business and leisure, this province boasts of 167 idyllic islets and islands that are a sharp contrast to the bustling metropolis of Cebu City. From its panoramic beaches, cascading waterfalls, and picture-perfect views, it is not difficult to understand why Cebu has become every tourist’s fave.

Join us as we go over the top 6 places (because we just couldn’t settle for 5) that should be on your itinerary when on a package tour this 2017 to beautiful Cebu.

1. Malapascua Island

Experience world-class diving firsthand at the tiny yet scenic island of Malapascua. It’s mainly the experience of diving with the thresher sharks that continues to attract tourists from the world over. You see, there’s no other place in the world where these thresher sharks are found in shallower waters than at Malapascua, specifically, Monad Shoal.

With its pristine beaches and relaxing ambiance, it comes as no surprise that this little island has become widely popular. While Typhoon Haiyan has caused much wreckage—tore off every roof in the island and snapped almost all of its coconut trees—Malapascua has retained much of its natural beauty. Book yourself for a package tour to Cebu and head over to this primary tourist attraction!

2. Bantayan Island

If you’ve had enough with beach activities and you don’t feel like you’re up to diving, canyoneering, hiking, or spelunking, then you’ll love it here in Bantayan Island. A place where you could just laze around on the beach the entire day, this island is a turquoise treasure to all the sea lovers at heart.

While away the hours as you chill out with your loved ones at the drinking spots here in the island, or go food tripping in its restaurants. If you’re a beach bum (and we know you are), then this is the place where you’d wanna be.

But just a helpful tip: If you don’t like a crowded beach, make sure that your itinerary for your tour package to Cebu does not fall on the Holy Week, which is sometime around March or April.

3. Olango Island

If Bohol has the butterfly sanctuary, then Cebu’s got a bird sanctuary. Yes, this island’s got birds—birds everywhere! Here’s a trivia: Olango Island is the first wetland in the Philippines that has been internationally recognized for supporting waterfowl. And did you know that the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the largest number of migratory birds here in the Philippines? That’s 48 migratory bird species in the 97 bird species that you will find on the island.

Visit this wildlife sanctuary on your next holiday tour and get the chance to meet endangered bird species such as the Asian Dowitcher and the Chinese Egeret.

4. Moalboal

Cebu will never run out of diving spots to boast about. You’ve first read about Malapascua Island, but if you think you know enough about the ultimate diving spots that Cebu holds, think again! Moalboal (and that’s mo-ahl-bo-ahl) is yet another go-to place for an unforgettable diving experience.

Ever tried swimming with a school of fishes? Well, you’d finally get to have a chance to at the Panagsama Beach (what people are actually referring to when they say ‘Moalboal’). And the best part is that you don’t have to be a diving expert for you to do so. Commonly termed as the ‘sardine run’, this incredible sight of fishes continues to regale the thousands of tourists that drop by the island for that very view.

But diving is not the only reason why tourists flock to Moalboal. The island also has a number of terrestrial activities (because we know you can’t always be in the water) for you to enjoy. What they are you have to find out yourself (we’re keeping that a surprise!) when you get there.

Plus, if you feel like relaxing on the beach after your underwater adventures, you can always head to the nearby White Beach. That’s a 20-minute tricycle ride from Panagsama Beach, and it’s an ideal spot for you to relax in especially during the weekdays when there aren’t too many people on the beach as well.

5. Oslob

Here’s why Oslob should be on part of your package tour to Cebu—swimming with the whale sharks! The whale sharks of Oslob has put the place on every wanderer’s travel list, and if you haven’t been there yet, you better start making plans now. While whale shark watching is the main attraction for Oslob, it’s not the only thing that attracts travelers.

For one thing, you could head over to nearby Sumilon Island and go on yet another snorkeling and diving adventure (you can never really have enough of these in Cebu). Or you could capture the majestic Tumalog Falls. And of course, don’t forget to visit the Heritage Site of Oslob! If you have enough time left, that is. Really, Oslob is not a place you would want to miss on your visit to Cebu.

6. Badian

Last but definitely not the least on this travel list is Badian. We originally wanted to keep this list down to the best 5 places for your package tour to Cebu but we just couldn’t end this list without even mentioning Badian. And that’s because Badian’s canyoneering experience is simply too good for you to pass up!

The canyoneering experience is actually in Kawasan, which is part of Badian, and is an experience especially tailored for the most adventurous. Here lies the ultimate test for the adventurer—how fearless could you get all for the sake of an unforgettable experience? An adventure that includes a difficult and rocky trek up hill and almost-terrifying cliff diving trails, canyoneering in Kawasan is definitely not for the faint of heart.

But we know what you’re made of, and we’re sure that you’ll not only enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience but keep coming back for more!

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