Discover the Tropical Paradise of Palawan

The gaping mouth of a rocky cavern stands in sharp contrast to the calm aquamarine waters of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A sense of anticipation builds in the air as the tour guide introduces Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park—one of the seven internationally recognized wonders of nature. As the boat paddles closer and closer to the entrance of this extraordinary park, tourists excitedly snap away photos—mementos to take back home and post on their wanderlust-themed Instagram feeds.

This is but one facade of a tropical paradise at its finest. This is Palawan.

But there is more to Palawan than its majestic underground river. Join us as we tour you to the breathtaking sceneries that make up the picturesque islands of PalawanCoron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa.

1. Spectacular Coron

Palawan, it seems, has a surprise lurking behind every turn. And in Coron Island, spectacular sights never fail to surprise and delight the millions of tourists each year gracing the island. For one thing, Coron is home to thirteen mysterious lakes hidden behind its rocky cliffs. Of these thirteen, two are now an open secret to the public—Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake.

Coron’s Kayangan Lake can be reached after a short but steep trek through a rainforest. Never mind the exhausting trail! The scenic view of Kayangan Lake—the cleanest lake in Asia—is enough compensation for all your tired muscles. Despite the lake being open to the public eye, there is always still a hushed sense of reverence that continues to enchant even the locals who are no longer new to its beauty. And if you think that the beauty of the lake lies only above its still waters, then you have yet to discover the spectacle beneath them. No words will ever be enough to capture the silent beauty of all the stalagmite formations and sharp-edged walls covered by the lake’s clear waters.

And as if the majestic view of Kayangan Lake is still not enough, a little bit further ahead lies the Twin Lagoon, where you can see two lagoons converge through a rock cavern that one can swim through at the base of a cliff when the tide is low.

And Barracuda Lake, named after the ever elusive residents of this water formation is worth a visit as well. As it is with Kayangan Lake, this lake also boasts of the bizarre rock formations it hides beneath its still waters with temperatures that can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

But there are other activities in Coron that you shouldn’t miss—that includes the experience of swimming around shipwrecks from the Second World War right in Coron Bay. These wrecks, now heavily encrusted with corals and other marine life, draw the attention of divers all around the world. And not only divers get to explore these wrecks! Even snorkelers can already have their share of this underwater historic site that rests only 5-10 meters beneath the turquoise sea.

To see the rest of what this island has to offer, avail of a tour package to Coron, Palawan this 2017!

2. Amazing El Nido

Whether you’re a diver, a terrestrial explorer, or simply a beach bum, you can be sure that Palawan has all you need to see. If Coron has its exquisite diving sites, then El Nido has a stunning stretch of white sand beaches. In fact, did you know that El Nido has at least 50 white sand beaches? The Twin Beach—Nacpan and Calitang Beaches, are a beach bum’s paradise. But El Nido’s got more than just beaches—it’s got caves and coves as well. Not to mention Makinit Hot Springs! Well, the hot spring is too hot for you to enjoy a natural spa treatment, but it’s really convenient for boiling eggs, for example.

There’s just so many sights that you have got to check out and activities that you have to do at El Nido; one day is simply not enough. Make your trip to El Nido worth it by booking a package tour for yourself and the rest of your troop and make it a holiday to remember.

3. Breathtaking Puerto Princesa

Famed all over the world for the subterranean river mentioned at the outset, Puerto Princesa remains one of the most flocked to destinations in the whole world. The enchanting rows of stalagmites and stalactites that grace the inside of the cave, the thousands and thousands of bats that hang from the limestone ceiling, the sound of water gushing from small waterfalls meters above the boat’s water trail, the voyage through the world’s longest underground river—all these are part of an unforgettable adventure that only this part of Palawan can offer.

This unique mass of limestone is not only hailed for its beauty, it is also recognized for the crucial role it plays in the conservation of biodiversity—both flora and fauna, and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A sweeping view of the park from the outside would reveal forest formations gracing the rocky edges of the cavern. A closer study of these forests reveal a representation of 8 of the 13 forest types that are found in the tropics of Asia. These forests are home to at least 800 plant species, roughly 30 mammal species, and at least 165 bird species of the 252 identified bird species in Palawan.

Indeed, there’s more than enough beauty in Puerto Princesa to take your breath away. And that’s only one of its many attractions. We have yet to mention about Estrella Falls, Honda Bay, Dos Palmas Island, and Mt. Tapyas! And then there’s firefly watching in Iwahig. Imagine yourself under a sky lit up by thousands of fireflies. ‘Magical’ doesn’t quite capture the entire experience.

Palawan — the Ultimate Island Experience

Really, if we were to start listing all the wonderful sites for you to explore, we’d run out of words and still not be through with it. So w’ll leave the rest of the exploring to you, and if you’re lost as to where you could begin, opt for a packaged tour to Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa as this will help you sort out where among all the beautiful places in Palawan you should go first.

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